My Saturday Mission


Saturday’s excite me in a geeky kind of way. Not Saturday nights. Saturdays.

It’s been three years of empty nest status and that day has adopted a new pace. No more car rallies between sports fields, part-time jobs, the grocery store and Home Depot. No more family frenzy cracking down on chores, bashing out renovations and making game times.

It’s fair to say that I probably suffer some degree of burnout from two decades of family agenda, but kids or no kids, I truly deplore shopping or running errands on Saturdays.

Since I spend my week researching, editing, blogging and freelancing as a film/TV MUA (make up artist) and no, it’s not glamorous but fulfilling in a different way (more on that in the future), Saturday is set aside for my inner – and I mean way-inner, domestic.

I relish staying home then, finally being able to deal with some of the household detail that’s been piling up around me all week. In a weird way, I think this might be akin to a spa day. Laundry to me is a tranquil therapy. I put on a load and then just sort of float off to the next two items on the list.

Yep, one item plus two items equals three items. I refuse to believe housework is the priority it’s made out to be. I’m also a creative and get real panicky when my “outlets” start getting plugged up with a glut of excessive tasking.  A wise creative sage once told me to pick the three most important things and do them right away each day. That’s the secret to my Saturday bliss: three homey, efficient, result-oriented chores. Depending on the day, anything more that might transpire is either gravy or subject to being half-completed.

I woke this past Saturday with a mellow gaze pinned directly on the stack of un-ironed t-shirts piling up on the dresser. It instantly made the Top Three list and would be dealt with right after I activated a long, soothing session of laundry. Finally, the shower stall would get a loving scour. There would be balance and harmony and ease in this day. And a continuous pot of coffee.

The coffee got made.  In an hour, I found myself here:






Doing this:



Why? Three reasons:

1) Curiosity never takes a break and I hadn’t been down in the creek in a long time.

2) That was one bitch of a job Pete was tackling and we work well together.

3) Because it was a beautiful day and when we were finished, we could do this:






And this:



Which definitely trumps ironing, cleaning shower stalls and doing laundry.

Any day of the week.


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